Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Cotton Ball is For Sale

Yes Folks, not only was today the shop's 43rd birthday, but we also made the announcement that we have decided to put it up For Sale. The amazing response and wonderful words of encouragement have been a bit overwhelming. All the conversations have led to the one big question.... "Why, please do not close, we LOVE the Cotton Ball" so I realized that I should share a bit more information.
My Mom retired last year and I have been trying to run the shop for the past eighteen months, however, 2011 was busy for me on the road, and 2012 is Crazy! Meaning, many more events, sold out retreats, weeks away from Morro Bay. So, after a bit of soul searching, and lots or prayer, I feel that it would be best for the shop and the community that supports her, to allow someone who has more time and can really focus on the shop to take over the tradition. Heck, if I am lucky the new owner will even hire me back part time and let me keep servicing the Pfaff Machines, and teach workshops.
So I want you all to know, how much your support means, but please do not fret. I am making this choice so that I can spend more time as a quilt maker, teacher, and service tech. After I spend time being a Husband and Father first.
I love what I do, and the world of quilters need more of me in the sewmando vest having a blast as a designer and educator. Please keep following me at
Cheers, Rob

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