Sunday, March 3, 2013

Many of you know that a few weeks back I set off to Kauai to the Na Pali (the Cliffs) Coast - North Shore Kauai, to tackle one of my life's goals. I have wanted to backpack the Kalalau Trail - 11 miles in one direction to a piece of paradise know as one of the most remote (based on milage) location on earth. I love to live outdoors, but the getting there posed several possible issues. The trail is very eroded, always rainy and very step with a shear cliff to the ocean at most times. Nt to mention river crossings that spike flash floods and the climate change of being in the Hawaiian Islands. Nonetheless, Michael Steiner, President of Michael Miller Fabrics, and myself set off to spend four days in the back country, and made the trip as palnned. We encountered mild amounts of adventure, tons of beauty and all around Awesomeness in spirit. Here is a quick slide show of our journey, notice I am almost speechless for the entire video, this almost never happens. Hope you enjoy, other fun quilting adventure videos are nestled on my website,

Monday, February 11, 2013

Recieved this email the other day, Thanks Bonnie from Tampa, FL for making my day.

Reminder Rob's Gallery Reception at Edward Jones in Los Osos, CA is this Friday, Feb. 15, 2013 5-7 pm, see you there.

Hi Rob

I attended your seascape class in Tampa, FL at Keep Me In Stitches last August.  Again...wonderful class...I learned so many new things in class and through the whole process of creating the quilt.

I worked on my seascape off and on through the fall in between other commitments and holidays and finally finished quilting it in late January...just in time for my guild's quilt show. The quilt won a blue ribbon in the wall quilts category. It ended up being approx 40" w x 53" L.

I'm sending some photos of the finished quilt and of you & I at KMIS (Keep Me In Stitches - Tampa, FL)...along the way the underwater theme changed from fish to sea turtles because of the fabrics I had and because I wanted to celebrate their return to nest on our Florida beaches each year.

Hope you are able to come back to Tampa again for a Twizzleman class.

Thanks again for a wonderful experience.  It was so neat to see your "Beyond the Tides" quilt in person. Long before I learned to quilt, that quilt and episode of Simply Quilts made me want to shook up my perception of what a quilt could be, and put quilting at the top of my bucket list. In a sense, it was my own "Coming Home"....the title I gave to my quilt.


Thursday, January 24, 2013

New Year = New Lifestyle and Loving it!

Rob Appell Designs Studio
1st EditionJanuary 2013
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New Lifestyle 

As I am blessed to make the transition from the retail quilt shop world into the traveling designer/educator lifestyle I must not forget the true reasons that my path has evolved. I needed more time to Love, Laugh and Create to keep my edge in the design world. I thank the Lord each day for His wisdom and guidance in my life. I am reminded to rest, eat healthy, spend time in nature with friends family and wildlife.
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As 2013 brings so many changes to our worlds, it is time we come together to support and encourage each other through Art, Nature, Healthy Foods, and a supremely positive lifestyle.

I know that this year has many great adventures in store for me, and I plan to spend more time sharing the stories and images that come.

There will be many exciting events and new products from The Rob Appell Designs Studio
in 2013. Stay Tuned....
Upcoming Gigs
2/26/13, Heart of California Quilters - Madera, CA
5/18/13, Quilted in Honor Launch - Portland, OR
6/8/13, Alaska Quilt Cruise departs - Seattle, WA 
7/9/13, Quilter's Affair Classes start - Sisters, OR 

Rob Appell Quilt Show Opening, February 15th!

Many of Rob's original quilt works will be on display form now until late March 2013 at
Deanna Richards's Edward Jones Office in Los Osos, 1236-J Los Osos, CA 93402.  Hours 9-noon, 2-5:30pm  Monday-Friday (except public holidays)

Many quilts are for sale for the first time ever!
Opening Reception is February 15th, 2013 5-7 pm.
I Hope to see you there!

Quilting Retreat Event - September 19-22, 2013.

Sing up NOW!
All of Rob's other Retreat Events are already sold out for 2013, but we still have a few seats left in this coming September. Do not miss this incredible opportunity to get a way and quilt with a great group of people. Three Nights, Nine Meals, and Rob! only $389.00
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Thank you for following along in my journey, hope to see all of you at an event real soon,
Rob Appell
Rob Appell Designs

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hello to the vast number of followers out there, 
It is me,  Rob writing from Sisters, Oregon. Just got off the stage for the Wednesday night program, boy did I have fun! What an honor, whew, what a huge week. Lots has happened. 

Now is the part where I tell you it is official that The Cotton ball is now sold to Lori Stollmeyer, and we are all so excited. I think she will be great, and I get to still be a part of the shop, and focus more on the machines at the store and the rest of the Rob Appell Designs Meca. Here is Loris first post. Cheers, Rob

Today, a magical thread from my past wound its way around my heart and into The Cotton Ball - one of the most beautiful and friendly fabric and craft stores along California's Central Coast.  So many wonderful people have worked so hard to help this dream of being The Cotton Ball owner come true; especially the entire Appell Family-Judi and Casey, & Rob and his family.
I am so thankful to all the customers and vendors for sharing their love and joy of The Cotton Ball.  We are extremely excited about moving forward and the staff and I are working hard to bring in loads of new fabric and notions and patterns and yarn…..the list goes on and on!!  Please stop in and say "Hi" and see what's new!  Also, we will continue to carry Pfaff machines and the incredible Rob will continue be a Pfaff service provider.
This may just be the Happiest Place on Earth; I do know I am pinching myself every morning--

 I am so happy to be the new owner of The Cotton Ball.  Please do stop in to say Hi!

Happy Stitching,
Lori Stollmeyer

Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Cotton Ball is For Sale

Yes Folks, not only was today the shop's 43rd birthday, but we also made the announcement that we have decided to put it up For Sale. The amazing response and wonderful words of encouragement have been a bit overwhelming. All the conversations have led to the one big question.... "Why, please do not close, we LOVE the Cotton Ball" so I realized that I should share a bit more information.
My Mom retired last year and I have been trying to run the shop for the past eighteen months, however, 2011 was busy for me on the road, and 2012 is Crazy! Meaning, many more events, sold out retreats, weeks away from Morro Bay. So, after a bit of soul searching, and lots or prayer, I feel that it would be best for the shop and the community that supports her, to allow someone who has more time and can really focus on the shop to take over the tradition. Heck, if I am lucky the new owner will even hire me back part time and let me keep servicing the Pfaff Machines, and teach workshops.
So I want you all to know, how much your support means, but please do not fret. I am making this choice so that I can spend more time as a quilt maker, teacher, and service tech. After I spend time being a Husband and Father first.
I love what I do, and the world of quilters need more of me in the sewmando vest having a blast as a designer and educator. Please keep following me at
Cheers, Rob

Monday, September 19, 2011

Men Quilt Too!

I am honored to be included in this Blog Based Quilt Show for male quilters. Yes there are more and more men who are caught making quilts every year. I must admit I feel a bit confused by the guys starting to make it public that they make quilts. When I first started years back there were very few of us guys who were brave enough to confess that they made quilts, and now it is no longer such a rare thing. I love being recognized for my art, and yes, being a young male who makes quilts help me to get recognized. In the past several years I have met dozens of men who quilt, and some of them do absolutely terrific work. So now comes a time when I must welcome the other males into my world of recognition, and I do so with open arms, but I also now must raise the bar to myself, I have some seriously talented competition in the world of quilts made by men...
Cheers, Rob

My Show Quilts"Beyond the Tides" 52" x 70"
Machine pieced, raw edge applique, and free motion machine quilting.

"The Twizzleman Project" 44" x 54"
Raw edge applique and free motion machine quilting.

Endangered Species Quilt Project - Bengal Tiger 42" x 42"
Raw edge applique and free motion machine quilting.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Seven Sisters Quilt Show Weekend

The Seven Sisters Quilt Show weekend is finally here and I am so excited!
As many of you know, I have taken over The Cotton Ball from my Mom, and boy do I miss having her around. Especial during the special events.
However, my Beautiful Wife, Jenny has been helping me make sure things run smooth and look great. I just wanted to share a photo of her setting up our booth at the Madonna Expo Center for this weekends big quilt show. If you are in SLO, come on by and meet my lovely assistant, get a hug or two and take advantage of our two show specials. Half yards are normally $5.50 each, they will be two for $9.00 both at the show and at The Cotton Ball in Morro Bay. We also have the awesome new adjustable height cutting tables from The Grace Frame co, this weekend only $475. 00 with FREE assembly. See you this weekend, Rob