Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hello to the vast number of followers out there, 
It is me,  Rob writing from Sisters, Oregon. Just got off the stage for the Wednesday night program, boy did I have fun! What an honor, whew, what a huge week. Lots has happened. 

Now is the part where I tell you it is official that The Cotton ball is now sold to Lori Stollmeyer, and we are all so excited. I think she will be great, and I get to still be a part of the shop, and focus more on the machines at the store and the rest of the Rob Appell Designs Meca. Here is Loris first post. Cheers, Rob

Today, a magical thread from my past wound its way around my heart and into The Cotton Ball - one of the most beautiful and friendly fabric and craft stores along California's Central Coast.  So many wonderful people have worked so hard to help this dream of being The Cotton Ball owner come true; especially the entire Appell Family-Judi and Casey, & Rob and his family.
I am so thankful to all the customers and vendors for sharing their love and joy of The Cotton Ball.  We are extremely excited about moving forward and the staff and I are working hard to bring in loads of new fabric and notions and patterns and yarn…..the list goes on and on!!  Please stop in and say "Hi" and see what's new!  Also, we will continue to carry Pfaff machines and the incredible Rob will continue be a Pfaff service provider.
This may just be the Happiest Place on Earth; I do know I am pinching myself every morning--

 I am so happy to be the new owner of The Cotton Ball.  Please do stop in to say Hi!

Happy Stitching,
Lori Stollmeyer