Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Quilts

well, Yes, I did decide to finally post something new for both of my subscribers, thanks again Chuck and Kathy D.
So it has been a huge couple of months for this little quilt maker. Almost immediately after I returned from Costa Rica, I found myself inspired to change my focus and get back into the design studio. Prior to the trip Michael Miller Fabrics invited me to lend a mind and hand in coming up with a program that we could do that would allow us artists to make a difference on a global level. I thought to myself, "Self, that should be a breeze." Well fortunately enough I was able to spend a good deal of time with my son in Costa Rica making videos of the local animals in their native habitat. I realized that the second best thing for me about CR (surfing the obvious first thing)was watching the animals roam freely in their own environment. Wow! I must have spent three hours watching a big female iguana chase all the other males out of the trees near her spot, than have a snack break on the local flowers, then rest in the sun. I had never seen a twelve pound lizard fall from twenty foot up in a tree, THUD! Then she just walked away, amazing.....
Oh yes the quilts,
So I convince Michael Miller Fabrics to send me a whole box of their newest colors of the Fairy Frost Fabric, and I began creating quilts to help raise money for the Endangered Species. I have already created four, up-close and personal animal face quilts and patterns, fabric bundles and complete quilt kits. The response to the quilts has truly been overwhelming. They are very simple raw-edge applique projects finishing around forty inches square. Hope you like them, and you may visit my website to get your own supplies and start helping out too.
Bengal Tiger by Rob Appell
Brown Pelican by Rob Appell
Red Eyed Tree Frog by Rob Appell
Giant Panda by Rob Appell