Monday, February 11, 2013

Recieved this email the other day, Thanks Bonnie from Tampa, FL for making my day.

Reminder Rob's Gallery Reception at Edward Jones in Los Osos, CA is this Friday, Feb. 15, 2013 5-7 pm, see you there.

Hi Rob

I attended your seascape class in Tampa, FL at Keep Me In Stitches last August.  Again...wonderful class...I learned so many new things in class and through the whole process of creating the quilt.

I worked on my seascape off and on through the fall in between other commitments and holidays and finally finished quilting it in late January...just in time for my guild's quilt show. The quilt won a blue ribbon in the wall quilts category. It ended up being approx 40" w x 53" L.

I'm sending some photos of the finished quilt and of you & I at KMIS (Keep Me In Stitches - Tampa, FL)...along the way the underwater theme changed from fish to sea turtles because of the fabrics I had and because I wanted to celebrate their return to nest on our Florida beaches each year.

Hope you are able to come back to Tampa again for a Twizzleman class.

Thanks again for a wonderful experience.  It was so neat to see your "Beyond the Tides" quilt in person. Long before I learned to quilt, that quilt and episode of Simply Quilts made me want to shook up my perception of what a quilt could be, and put quilting at the top of my bucket list. In a sense, it was my own "Coming Home"....the title I gave to my quilt.