Friday, October 17, 2008

Highs and Lows (and highs agian)

Wow, what a roller coaster the past week has been. First, my wife went to colorado for a few days, that left my 5 year old son, my 3 year old daughter and myself to find something wonderful to do. We did. A Dads and Kids camp out on the beach, with the off shore winds, it would proove bo be quite nice ieven in october, but the winds changed and we froze. Not the whole time, just in the mornings and at night, so most of the time. We did servive, heck, we did great. Well the racoons ate all of our breakfast foods, but we still did great.
A long weekend fell heavy into a long, busy week. The climax was learning that the retreat that has been planned and sold out for november, was never really on the books at the lodge. Yes, I had to scramble, but luckily almost all the gals planning on coming can make the change of date to the following weekend. I love to host the retreats, and to think I had messed it up that bad was heartbreaking. The embroidery Collection, may show up soon at the shop to start filling the orders, but untill then, I just released four quilts that have been shot with a mega high resolution camera and my bubbies at Foreverstoked matted and mounted some as prints. So now we can offer 8x10 or 16x20 prints of "La Playa Loca", Scuba Time", "Beyound the Tides" and "The Twizzleman Poject" all that in one week, life is never dull.