Monday, September 19, 2011

Men Quilt Too!

I am honored to be included in this Blog Based Quilt Show for male quilters. Yes there are more and more men who are caught making quilts every year. I must admit I feel a bit confused by the guys starting to make it public that they make quilts. When I first started years back there were very few of us guys who were brave enough to confess that they made quilts, and now it is no longer such a rare thing. I love being recognized for my art, and yes, being a young male who makes quilts help me to get recognized. In the past several years I have met dozens of men who quilt, and some of them do absolutely terrific work. So now comes a time when I must welcome the other males into my world of recognition, and I do so with open arms, but I also now must raise the bar to myself, I have some seriously talented competition in the world of quilts made by men...
Cheers, Rob

My Show Quilts"Beyond the Tides" 52" x 70"
Machine pieced, raw edge applique, and free motion machine quilting.

"The Twizzleman Project" 44" x 54"
Raw edge applique and free motion machine quilting.

Endangered Species Quilt Project - Bengal Tiger 42" x 42"
Raw edge applique and free motion machine quilting.


Thearica said...

Rob.. Your work is incredible! I am honored that you accepted the invite for the quilt show!

sewmeow said...

Loved reading about you and your quilts and thanks for sharing with us during this show. Awesome incredible work.

Good luck.

Quilter in the Gap said...

You do some amazing work. Thanks for sharing a bit about yourself.

SewCalGal said...

Hi Rob. I'm happy to see you sharing insights and inspiration in the Men Quilt Too! virtual quilt show. Of course, your post caught my eye with the picture of you and yummy Aurifil thread. Can I frame a copy of this photo? Almost as good as your beautiful endangered animal quilt designs.


~The Bargain Babe said...

Saw you at the Men's Quilt Show. WOW. I am impressed, you are truly an artist. I can not even imagine the level of talent it takes to do those art quilts. I still can't sew a 9 patch that matches up. ;)

Carrie P. said...

wow, Rob your quilts are awesome. Your first quilt reminds me of the artist Christian Lassen. He is my daughter's favorite and I know she would also love your quilts.
good luck in the show.

bnd said...

This quilts are so... Incredible! It's wonderful!

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