Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year 1/1/11

How could I not? It's a new year, and maybe my resolution could be a post a month on the old blog, I think of this often, but upon every return I find dust on the page.... so sorry all.

So let's get things kicking to a great start this year!

Big things are really happening for this little quilter.
Taking over the helm of The Cotton Ball has got to be upon the top of the list.
Finishing the Endangered Species Quilt Project - 12 Quilts in all, of course that means more like 40 quilts for me,
A bit of family time,
two new kittens - what was I thinking?

And now this overwhelming pledge to spend a few minutes here on the blog....

It is Going to be a GOOD YEAR!!!!
Please visit my websites for a super cool January Promo - Food, Quilts, and Discounts...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Time for Houston International Quilt Market

The entire quilting industry is a buzz with the opening of Houston Quilt market just around the corner. Personally, I am super Stoked. I type this from my local airport, just cleared security and my heart is pounding as I wait to board the plane, next stop Houston Texas, yeeehaaa. I met my deadlines, and will launch the next animal quilts in my Endangered Species Quilt Project. The images are already on my website,, and the new patterns are ready to ship!
A few plugs for some good friends before we really get this party started. Therm-o-web, the creators of my favorite fusible is releasing a new Super Lite Heat N' Bond! Oh yeah, this stuff is epic, it bonds like a champ, and quilts like a dream. The new Heat N' Bond is a big hit and I get to help promote it. Keep your eyes out, my Polar Bear Quilt is sneaking around "behind the scenes" in several adds in the quilting publication over the next few months, here is the sample. Aurifil Threads is launching a new application for the wireless toys so people can get their quilting info on the go. I plan to crash the School House on this Friday, I will throw a few high fives to Alex for all of you out there. And Last but not at all least, Michael Miller Fabrics continues to support the Endangered Species Quilts, my quilts will be on display all week in the booth, and they have been a huge help in raising the funds to support the animals. I will drop you all more info after the show opens, cheers, Rob

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hello, hello, hello!

No I did not fall off my the planet or even get buried in fabric in my studio somewhere. No, I have not written in a while because I have been out on the road teaching and promoting the New Endangered Species Quilt patterns. The Launch of the newest three animals has been going great, packing and shipping around the clock. Over Six Grand Donated so far!
I was blessed to get to spend an entire week in Sisters, Oregon, just before the Outdoor Quilt Show, then three more days in Costa Mesa, California teaching. I actually had a good camera, and used it.....

Please check out the NEW Students work Galleries on there are two groups so far, the Endangered Species classes and the Twizzleman Quilt Project workshops visit to see them.

I have some great shots of my student's amazing work. I do have to apologize, I did not get photos of everyone, so please, please send me any shots of you and your quilts from any of my classes or retreats, the last time I checked the Internet still has plenty of room.

Last, and certainly not least,
The Aurifil Super- Cool thread collections have arrived.

Yes, I have hand selected twelve colors of the 40 weight Mako Cotton - this stuff is a dream come true. One box of twelve threads, can quilt any quilt.

Better than that, get twelve spools for the price of ten, and FREE shipping.

Order now, as the supplies are going fast, and they come from Italy, so it takes a while if we run out.
Drop me a line or swing by The Cotton Ball in Morro Bay, CA just to say hi.
Cheers, Rob

Friday, June 4, 2010

Quilt Shop Tour Day One

Quilt Shop Tour Day

Just wanted to show off a few photos from this morning. We are deep into the Central Coast Quilt Shop Tour. We are celebrating our inner hippies, as The Grateful Thread, come out and jam with us. Peace, Rob

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Endangered Species Quilt Project - New Releases

Drum Roll Please......

As promised here they are the Three Newest Endangered Species Quilt Patterns

The Percula Clownfish

The Green Sea Turtle

and The Polar Bear

As always the quilts are fusible applique consisting of entirely of Michael Miller's Fairy Frost fabrics and their Jet Black. We have been raising awareness and money for the animals through the sales of the quilt patterns. We are so proud to boast that we have sold over 1800 patterns in the past six months and raised over $6000.00 that has been donated to World Wildlife Fund. Get your pattern today at

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, Its off to Market I go

Just about an hour before I jump in my trusty pick up and drive to the airport. Next stop, Minneapolis, MN for International Quilt Market. I will be hanging with the Michael Miller Team as we set free the New Endangered Species Quilts. We launch the next three in the series, and yes I will post them very, very soon. But First, the newest quilt

"A Rose in Peace"
Created for the Central Coast Quilt Shop Tour June 4-6, 2010. This quilt is made completely of Michael Miller's Fairy Frost Fabric and Aurfil thread. Come by The Cotton Ball in Morro Bay, CA during the shop tour and get a free pattern for this quilt. We are celebrating one of my favorite bands of all time by deeming ourselves "The Grateful Thread" and we will be rockin and truckin all weekend long. The new Endangered Species Quilts will be hanging too.........

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Any Better I Couldn't Stand It!

Life is, well at least for this quilt maker. So many exciting things going on as Spring Quilt Market is just around the corner. Putting the finishing touches on the Three New Quilts, making new friends with big companies that may want to help sponsor The Endangered Species Quilt Project (here is a hint) and the biggest news of the week is......

I live interview with this kid on Pat Sloan's Creative Talk Radio Monday 3rd, 1pm Pacific Time.

I am going to have so much fun, the only thing I do better than quilt is to talk, and talk and talk.....

will one hour be enough time, tune in to find out.

Cheers, Rob

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

So I have been offered to join "The A-Team" which in 2010 means The Aurifil Threads premier designers team of thread-a-holics. I am a child of '80s TV, so I originally thought that I was going to get a cool van and ride around fighting crime.
As a quilter I use a ton of thread and crappy thread and I do not get along.
I am so stoked to be a part of the Aurifil Team, their threads are truly the best threads on the planet.
They have sent me several styles of thread to try, so me and my team of experts are going to find the styles of thread from Aurifil that suite our needs as aggressive quilters and then....
We get to pick our 40 favorite colors to have our own thread collection to share with all of you
Stay Tuned for our color picks, do not worry the colors will not all be shades of pink as my little girl has requested.
Cheers, Rob

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The New Year, 2010

Happy Decade to all of my followers, yes there are some. Actually, I see that the total population of people looking at this blog has doubled in the past few months. That is right, Chuck and Kathi, there are now a few more on lookers. Therefore, my resolution is to blog better. Not to rant and rave, but to post encouraging stuff like the next tid bit.

The Endangered Species Quilts and I are getting ready to head to Ontario, CA for the big quilt show, "Road to California" so if you are near there then, come give me a hug, get your Endangered Species Quilt Project wrist band. Hell, buy me a beer and hang out for a while. I am so jazzed. The Patterns have already allowed Michael Miller Fabrics and myself to donate almost $4500.00 in the past few months, and soon the world will get to see them too. Wish me luck, Rob