Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cotton Ball's 3rd Birthday

So As many of you may know on September 12th,
we celebrated three years in our new store.
Yes, I know we have been around for over forty years,
but only three at 1199 Main Street in Morro Bay. So, I put on my Saturday's best clothes and marched down to the shop to hand out tiaras,
balloons, cupcakes and lemonade.... Just the kind of party for a bunch of three year olds.
Our friends dropped by for some laughs and prizes.
Mary Jo Hiney was there to support all the gals that participated in the bag contest,
as well as demo an awesome new pattern using her Silk Adaptations. I was in charge of making noise and and clowning around, yes I did a good job. To all our friends that came by , thanks for the love and support over the years, and to those who did not make it, we missed you , and too appreciate your support and energy, because if you are reading this, then you are a part of The Cotton Ball Family, Thanks!!!!!!!!