Sunday, March 3, 2013

Many of you know that a few weeks back I set off to Kauai to the Na Pali (the Cliffs) Coast - North Shore Kauai, to tackle one of my life's goals. I have wanted to backpack the Kalalau Trail - 11 miles in one direction to a piece of paradise know as one of the most remote (based on milage) location on earth. I love to live outdoors, but the getting there posed several possible issues. The trail is very eroded, always rainy and very step with a shear cliff to the ocean at most times. Nt to mention river crossings that spike flash floods and the climate change of being in the Hawaiian Islands. Nonetheless, Michael Steiner, President of Michael Miller Fabrics, and myself set off to spend four days in the back country, and made the trip as palnned. We encountered mild amounts of adventure, tons of beauty and all around Awesomeness in spirit. Here is a quick slide show of our journey, notice I am almost speechless for the entire video, this almost never happens. Hope you enjoy, other fun quilting adventure videos are nestled on my website,