Wednesday, March 3, 2010

So I have been offered to join "The A-Team" which in 2010 means The Aurifil Threads premier designers team of thread-a-holics. I am a child of '80s TV, so I originally thought that I was going to get a cool van and ride around fighting crime.
As a quilter I use a ton of thread and crappy thread and I do not get along.
I am so stoked to be a part of the Aurifil Team, their threads are truly the best threads on the planet.
They have sent me several styles of thread to try, so me and my team of experts are going to find the styles of thread from Aurifil that suite our needs as aggressive quilters and then....
We get to pick our 40 favorite colors to have our own thread collection to share with all of you
Stay Tuned for our color picks, do not worry the colors will not all be shades of pink as my little girl has requested.
Cheers, Rob


Kathi D said...

Good grief, Rob, did your wife get to contribute any genes at all to those children? They both look just like YOU.

I want lots of red and orange and chartreuse. And you are all over ALL the magazines this month, Mister.

Rob Appell said...

well, my wife did attend the birth of both of the kids, and I was awake the whole time, I am pretty sure they are hers too. I will make sure we get tons of great colors for you. I just got in copies of The Quilt Life if you want a signed version let me know, that is my favorite press I have recieved ever!

The Drizzled Apple said...

haha! Awesome toothless grin!
Sweet! I'm going to be checkin out the press readin up on Rob the coolest stud in quilting ;)

Sharon said...

I LURVE that Auriful thread, Rob. Thanks for hosting our Sea Side Stitchers for a fun afteroon when we visited and caught you cutting up...I mean cutting fabric. Hugs to you and those adorable kids!