Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The New Year, 2010

Happy Decade to all of my followers, yes there are some. Actually, I see that the total population of people looking at this blog has doubled in the past few months. That is right, Chuck and Kathi, there are now a few more on lookers. Therefore, my resolution is to blog better. Not to rant and rave, but to post encouraging stuff like the next tid bit.

The Endangered Species Quilts and I are getting ready to head to Ontario, CA for the big quilt show, "Road to California" so if you are near there then, come give me a hug, get your Endangered Species Quilt Project wrist band. Hell, buy me a beer and hang out for a while. I am so jazzed. The Patterns have already allowed Michael Miller Fabrics and myself to donate almost $4500.00 in the past few months, and soon the world will get to see them too. Wish me luck, Rob


Kathi D said...

My goodness, it DOES feel less lonely in here. Wish I was going to be there with you, but no dice. Great news on the patterns, though!

Artistic Treasures said...

Hi Rob,

I have been a fan of your quilts for many years, especially the underwater series as I am an avid scuba diver.

Unfortunately, I couldn't get into your Thurs/Friday Class due to it being full, but I am going to 'cut class' on Friday to at least attend your noon lecture.

Looking forward to it!

Jan in SoCal

Courtney Beth said...

Congrats on the donations! :D